Nina ft. STVIN

from by Christopher Wick



Nina. She's a woman I love, a lot, still. I got mad love for her. She got me off ciggerettes when i was smoking like a pack a day. She got me to stop drinking. She got me doing my schoolwork. She bettered me. But I didn't give it in return. She lived in California but it felt like she was right here the way she was helping me. But I was young and immature. I wasn't ready for something like this. I just used it and left her for something temporary. For some pussy. We kept in touch and still do from time to time now. I've tried to work it out and come back to her as loyal as ever, i'm talking moving to Cali type shit, but she moved on herself. And i'm not one to dwell in the past (mass contradiction). I have to move on, or i'll just be thinking about what could've been instead of using this knowledge and applying it to the next girl i'm with. Which I'm trying to do. And it's been working. so this song. the first verse, is about me and the second is through her eyes.

Idkidkdidkdik man, shits deep with her cause its like you know that ex you still got love for and if they ran up on you like "you mine again" you would be down with the shit regardless type shit. Thats her. But we both know that can happen, It just won't work. I'm not the same person that i was at that time and for that reason. I can't be with her.

I'm a complete dickhead and blunt asshole now. I'm telling the truth, i'm too impatient for these niggas bruh.


from Flamingo, released December 25, 2016




Christopher Wick Washington, D.C.

Christopher Wick is a 20 year old Artist hailing from Washington D.C.

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