Kristen Conner

from by Christopher Wick



I made this track after watching Higher learning, hence the first bar of this song. When i made this song I was working two jobs, manager at one, and stressing my ass off about everything in general. There was this girl from Brockton (suburb of Boston, also where Sammie lives), that helped me emotionally and spiritually. She taught me about the truths in life and how to balance my chis and shit. She was cool. It didn't work out because my 18 year old ass was too "immature" for her 25 year old ass, but whatever. It don't matter to me. This song was something she told me to do. She said just make something and rap your feelings. So I did.


from Flamingo, released December 25, 2016




Christopher Wick Washington, D.C.

Christopher Wick is a 20 year old Artist hailing from Washington D.C.

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