Her Interlude

from by Christopher Wick



This is pretty much the same, but from the girl's perspective. She thinks I'm stupid. She thinks I got her fucked up for playing her. I heard this a lot in my life. She's calling it quits, she can't take my shit anymore. She's gone.

the last part I'm brining her in.

Though, when I was recording this, I though just thinking of the process and the ambiance of me recording or listening to it sounded better than the actual recording of it. It tells more of the story. Because this was literally what it was like for me, and i want to give you a chance to see how it feels when i was making this. To gather up the emotions I used to feel and bellow the back. I had to take a couple breaks. and the next song was one.


from Flamingo, released December 25, 2016




Christopher Wick Washington, D.C.

Christopher Wick is a 20 year old Artist hailing from Washington D.C.

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